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Biological service

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We aim to ensure that your biogas plant is ready for operation and to optimize such operation.
To that end, we rely on a service network with specially trained technicians.

Service portfolio

Support with biological processes

Maximum profit and as predictable as possible - that is what every operator of a biogas plant
desires. Unfortunately, the processes are not as easy to control as intended by energy farmers.


Only professional and consistent support make a biogas
plant an ideal financial investment.

We also offer this service for other manufactures.

# Biological Service - Your Key to Earnings


Waste fermentation and biogas production

# Characterising feedstocks

# Determining the gas production potential with fermentation test

# Fermentation process optimisation

# Pretreatment of the substrates for solid-state fermentation

# Evaluation of digestate

# Emissions measurements


New buildings, conversions and spare parts service

Maintenance and troubleshooting

Repair, individual inspection and maintenance.

A Germany-wide service network as well as a 24-hour emergency number
guarantee rapid reaction times and quick and uncomplicated countermeasures.