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Project design

Project Planning Of Your Biogas Plant

Predictable details

Tasks are often very complex, which makes it impossible to immediately state the investment
costs, construction time and scope of services. That is why we develop our proposals during
the project design phase, being able to plan the realisation of the plant and to define the
scope of services.

Project design

This phase is done with utmost care, precision and the
necessary foresight for engineering and economic
matters in order to give your energy project an
extendible design from the start.

That provides you with long-term planning reliability in
view of possible legislative changes and new regulations.

Areas of project development

Preliminary planning

We request the necessary cadastral plans and establish first contact with the authorities.
Adapting the plant into a first drawn concept, levelling the building site, and identifying
procedures, competence and building code requirements with the authority are some of
our preliminary planning works. In parallel, we do a drawing of the facility with all the
details necessary for the realisation, such as construction details and installation,
excavation and management plans, etc.

Approval planning

Compilation of all the necessary documents such as specifications, pre-construction
drawings, emission calculations, explosion protection plans, etc.


Support with the approval process and speeding it up thanks to early and regular
contact with the authorities.

Design-to-implementation planning

Preliminary and approval planning are reviewed within the scope of the design-to-
implementation planning, so that the construction project can be realized.
During this phase, we already intensely share and discuss details with
our partners and service companies.

Further preparatory work and details

#Acceptance and registration of the transit declaration

# Data processing

# Fermentation and gas production

# Fermentation substrate storage and application to fields

# Gas storage

# Gas upgrading and gas utilisation

# Feeding

# Measurement and control solutions