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Financing Your Biogas Plant

The appropriate concept

The right financing concept for your Biogas plant does not only influence the feasibility and future
financial return, but also impacts the quick realisation of your project.


Thanks to our contacts with banks and corporations, that have
experience in financing energy projects, we are able to offer
you the procurement of outside capital.

Additionally, there are various possibilities for your energy
project to receive subsidies from the EU, the federal
government and communities as well as from
energy suppliers.

Financial expertise

# Financing proposals

# Contracting of biogas plants

# Procurement of project and investment funds

# Procurement of equity and outside capital for single plants

# Preparation and consulting on current subsidy programmes


Lack of equity, little energy engineering know-how, inadequate staffing levels or
simplythe wish for outsourcing constitute grounds to transfer full responsibility
for the power supply to an external specialist.

We are happy to inform you in detail about the different operator models.