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Biogas plant Hohen Luckow
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Commissioning of your Biogas Plant

Guaranteed performance

bue Anlagentechnik GmbH guarantees that the plant will quickly perform as planned.
We will also train you individually on your plant to run it ideally, professionally and profitably.


After successful inspection of the plant's functioning, eventually
the start-up process will begin. During the start-up process,
we arrange the inoculation of the substrate, the analysis
of the fermentation biology and the monitoring of the
biogas production.

Naturally, we will also be your contact, when it comes to the follow-
up development and long-term optimisation of your biogas plant.

Commissioning phase

Start-up phase

In the course of the commissioning of the biogas plant, we optimise the initial feeding procedures.
This process is denominated start-up phase.

Experienced specialists initiate the biogas process and we check and monitor the biological
processes of the plant and its technology until the first usable gas is produced. In addition,
we offer a wide range of services for this phase. These include preparing feeding schedules,
sampling and subsequent analysis in the laboratory, as well as analysing the gas with the
latest measurement technology.

Performance test

After successful commissioning with a performance test, we will take on another performance
commitment.  So, you can rest assured that your biogas plant operates on a constantly high
performance level

Plant control system

All components are adapted to the daily operations and optimised. Our control systems allow
us to monitor your biogas plant "on-line", in order to detect any malfunctions immediately and
to do a troubleshooting with you.


A comprehensive and categorized documentation is compiled.


Instruction and training on your biogas plant with an individual contact.We are also happy
to support you in the selection of new substrates.