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Convincing Services

Make your biogas plant a success

As a future energy operator of a biogas plant, you invest a lot of capital and time. Therefore, you
can expect only the best from us.

We are not only trained professionals with extensive knowledge about renewable energies; we
are also experts at listening, so that we can help you to make the right decisions. It is not in our
interest to just persuade you, but to let our performance speak for itself.

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Realising a biogas project in an optimum and efficient way is quite a challenge,
but we can even go further than that.

Repowering is a field where we are able to take actions that are top-notch.
The target we set is to obtain the optimum of the biogas plant performance.
Our research work helps us to meet these challenges.
One example that stands out is the prevention of
foam formation in fermenters.

Our expert team for planning, approval application, construction, process technology and
optimisation, biological services and repowering provides support to our customers with
all services we offer.

Overview of our services

bue as general contractor


As general contractor, we investigate potential
locations for their technical and economic feasibility.

Then we undertake the planning, applications for approval, tender procedures and the installation
of the plants as well as the financing part.

The service management that follows complements
our range of services and secures our target of optimising the biogas plant operation and running the plant at full capacity. Only professional and consistent support makes a biogas plant an ideal financial investment.

Our competencies


Construction of plant sections and complete plants

Optimisation of existing plants (repowering)

Biological service for all manufactures

Consultancy services for alternative energy sources

Expert reports and profitability analyses

Approval procedures and financing

Contracting and investment companies

Coordination of national and international projects