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Foam formation

Research on foam formation

Preventing process disruption

Research on preventing foam formation in the fermenters is exemplary for our optimization
of biological processes. The project aims to develop a functional floating layer of biode-
gradable floating elements.


Biogas operators fear the problems arising from sudden
foam formation when biogas is generated.

At worst, the foam brimming over would cause the biogas
reactor to shut down. These process disruptions associated
with extended downtime and extra repair costs can have
significant financial consequences, as the gas yield decreases
and the profit along with it.

A solution to this problem is to improve the stability of the biogas generation process
significantly, and to provide a targeted solution in the affected fermenter, in case of failure.

These solutions may prevent consequential damages such as crust formation during gas
generation, as well as clogging of gas and substrate lines and functional disturbances of
measuring probes and micro-organism inhibition.

A biodegradable functional floating layer is efficient and stabilizes processes. Based on
this fact, together with the research institution BIO-H2 ENERGY GmbH, we research on
and develop processes and products.

The product is designed for biogas plants that operate under the liquid manure bonus
system. This means that around 80% of all biogas plants may be future users of this

Process stability results in more annual full load hours leading to approx. 10% growth
in economic efficiency.