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Foam formation

Research & Development

For a clean future

bue Anlagentechnik GmbH as well as our associated companies are conducting research
and development regarding the optimization of biogas plants.

Research & development is one of the core areas of bue Anlagentechnik GmbH. Especially,
when it comes to "Repowering", it is necessary to challenge conventional approaches and
to reconsider a different perspective. We regard the participation in various research
projects as a corporate mission towards our customers and as a responsible
contribution towards future generations.


We invest in innovation to master the challenges of
bioenergy. In doing so, we can be proactive and
provide answers to issues of the future.

Our research focuses on optimizing biogas processes,
the diligent use of input material while using energy

Apart from theoretical tests, we mainly scrutinize the feasibility of our new idea in
real life situations. We also want to make successfully tested technologies to
become a standard.

Our research projects focus on more profit

Political decisions, such as the new Recycling Act, which turns fermented liquid manure into
waste, will lead to additional costs for energy producers.

These considerable additional expenses can only be balanced through cost effective innovation
to increase sales and improve the yield. The confidence in the biogas industry is fuelled by new
products and ideas, that also help to develop new markets.


Researching on preventing the dreaded foam formation in the
fermenters is just exemplary for our optimization of biological
processes. The project aims to develop a functional floating
layer of biodegradable floating elements.

# Functional Floating layer


The product is designed for biogas plants that operate under the liquid manure bonus system.
This means that around 80% of all biogas plants may be future users of this innovation.

Focus of our research & development

Our research focuses on the development of new biological processes and how current
components can be improved..

These questions are essential for us:

# How do we increase the security of biomass supply?

# How do we produce biogas more efficiently while being reasonable in price?

# How do we improve security and control of the production processes?

Competence networks

We rely on an international network of research and development facilities. We also cooperate
with universities, research institutes and partner companies in order to realize new business
ideas and models quickly.


This results in high-performance components and systems for
biogas production.

It is only thanks to the continuous development of existing
ideas that progress and new solutions are realized.

We are convinced of this approach!