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Waste heat utilization
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Solutions for more profitability

Legal issues, technical factors and/or biological processes may prove to be difficult in real
life when it comes to constructing, expanding or operating biogas plants. This is due to
the variety of laws, standards and technologies and their continuous changes, which
often lack coordination with one another.

We put together a variety of repowering options to increase the profitability and efficiency
of your biogas plant.

Communicating biogas


The design and construction of energy projects
requires to be prepared for coping with diverse
aspects and obstacles.

An atmosphere for open communication is provided
through honest transparency and active listening.

# Communicating biogas

Waste heat utilization

Waste heat

Environmentally and economically speaking,
each operator of a biogas plant should strive
for consistently and fully exploiting waste heat.

bueAnlagentechnik GmbH makes your biogas plant
perfect by applying optimum waste heat technologies.

# Waste heat utilization