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Optimize biogas plants

It is time to fully exploit the capacity of your biogas plant. See for yourself, how we can
jointly achieve a higher yield from your biogas plant. Repowering means to us to increase
the overall efficiency of your system.

Easy more Power

Our Repowering business segment focuses on getting more power
out of your biogas plant. To this end, we have a variety of measures
available, which we apply consistently, no matter whether you already
are a customer or operator of a third party plant, or want to modernize
or expand a plant.

We will develop an ideal concept for any project, which will inspire you.


We put together some repowering options to increase the profitability and efficiency of your
your biogas plant.

Note: In the section "Solutions" you will find a list of our different actions to make your
biogas plant even more profitable.


Reasons for repowering

A decision to repower can be motivated by both an unsatisfactory general analysis and a
strategic reconsideration of the old plant.


Other reasons may be changing feed-in tariffs or simply
the wish to feed biogas into the natural gas grid.

Increasing the economic and ecological efficiency of
your biogas plant, however, is likely to be the most
decisive factor.


The benefits speak for themselves

To achieve the targeted optimization, our repowering process relies on state-of-the-art technology
making it possible to eliminate adverse effects and to make available unrecognized potential.
This allows you to get the maximum return on your investment.


Perfectly matched components that harmonize excellently
with a finely tuned biological process - this is what makes
our repowering service special. The reliability and efficiency
of your plant will increase significantly.

You will have the time again to focus on your daily business.


Our approach

Especially when it comes to repowering, it is necessary to challenge conventional approaches
and to reconsider any component and process from every perspective.

Our target: Get the optimum out of your biogas plant!

Biogas Kompaktanlagen

We start with a technical review of your plant's components.
This includes an investigation for possible gas leaks using a
gas camera and locating avoidable sources of odors. Then,
we analyze your current processes as a whole and evaluate
the performance results.

Finally, we do a thorough work-up, including a concept with
options for increasing the overallefficiency of your plant.