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Strong Partners

For extraordinary achievements

Biogas plants of bue Anlagentechnik GmbH are realized working closely together with
our qualified partners. We focus and rely on long-term business relationships with
experienced and renowned companies.

Thanks to the long-standing partnerships and successful cooperation plus the continuous
development of various high-quality components we are able to use synergies efficiently
and to pass it on to our clients.

These partners make it possible to provide the extraordinary performance of our
biogas plants and to also be well prepared for future projects.

[Randomly ranked]


The GMBU e.V. is a non-profit organization for industrial
research and development established in three departments
with main competences each in Environmental Biotechnology
(Halle-Saale/Saxony-Anhalt), Opto-Sensors and Photonic
Measurements (Jena/Thuringia) and Thin-Film diagnostics
and functional coatings (Dresden/Saxony).



Eurofins Umwelt Deutschland is your partner for
environmental testing of water, soil, air, residues
and products. The Eurofins groups is an interna-
tional laboratory services provider.


Fanalmatic GmbH

Die The company's service portfolio with planning,
engineering, installation, commissioning and serv-
icing of electrical installations, automation and
monitoring systems ensures future-proof solutions.


Logo Energie Management GmbH

The Energie Management GmbH has been providing
drying services since 1998. In 2005 the focus shifted
mainly to drying of nearly any biogenic and other solid


Logo Imo

The IMO Group offers cross-trade solutions for systems
in the field of piping and plant construction.
Our consistent quality and safety management as well
as highly skilled people ensure that our projects are
realised in due time while meeting the quality demanded.


Logo Landesgesellschaft

Die The Landesgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt mbH is a non-
profit settlement company of the Federal State of Saxony-
Anhalt. Our purpose is to support and strengthen the
development of rural areas of our federal state as working,
living and natural environments.


Logo Graviton

For ten years, Bernd Düsterhöft, managing director of the Graviton GmbH, and his team have been researching and developing processes and equipment through which the interaction of physical fields and biological target systems
can be put to practical use.


Logo Vogelsang

Innovation and progress is the guiding principle that Vogelsang set for itself and which keeps the company on a successful course all-round biogas plant technologies for years: pumping and maceration technology and dribble
bar linkage.


Dreyer & Bosse

Within just a few years Dreyer & Bosse Kraftwerke GmbH
have advanced to become one of the leading manufacturers
of combined heat and power stations on biogas basis - we
have available a complete product portfolio for energy
applications of biogases or biomethane.


Logo xylem

Xylem is a global leading provider of submersible pumps
and agitators and wastewater treatment solutions.


Logo Ormatic GmbH

The company's focuses are energy production from high temperature waste heat through the use of Organic
Rankine Cycle (ORC) and automation of biogas plants.


Logo KD System

With the appropriate fermenter equipment, such as insulation, paneling, gas bubble, cover and homogenization technology, from KD-System you get a special complete solution package
for the future.


Logo Enertic Kraftwerke GmbH

The enertec-Kraftwerke GmbH in Mühlhausen, Germany, produces energy efficient combined heat and power plants.


Logo Planungsbüro Thorwirth

The planning office led by Matthias Thorwirth successfully takes on civil engineering tasks spanning the agricultural industry.


Logo mtu

MTU Onsite Energy brings you extensive, intelligent, and innovative system solutions with diesel and gas technology –
for all applications to satisfy the widest variety of needs.


Logo Bio H2

The key targets are the research and development on regenerative energy technologies and transferring those research results into practicable solutions.