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Gas grid

Feeding into the Gas grid

Using Potential

For feeding biogas into the gas grid, it needs to fulfil certain quality requirements.
The necessary change in the chemical composition of the biogas is called processing.
The processing comprises purification and methane enrichment of the biogas.

Gas grid

According to the German Biogas Association, biogas
could substitute about 20 percent of the natural gas
consumption in Germany.

The purification of biogas to thequality of natural gas
and its distribution as biomethane via the existing
gas grid will become key processes of the biogas
technology says the Association.

By feeding biogas into the gas grid, its full potential can be used regarding efficiency
as well as on-site availability.

Detailed Information

On the pages of the Renewable Energies Agency, you can access a detailed study
(in PDF format) about the feeding into the gas grid.