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The 75 kW Compact Plant

A Performance Class of its own

With the Renewable Energy Sources Act , effective from 1 January 2012, smaller
biogas plants for agricultural livestock farms are becoming financially attractive.

75 kW Biogas Kompaktanlagen

There are stronger financial incentives especially
for slurry-based plants in the performanceclass
up to 75 kW .

Owners of these biogas plants will receive a
special allowance of 25 cent per kWh!


The prerequisites are governed by 27b of the EEG:

The power generation is where biogas is produced

The minimum share of slurry and/or manure is 80% (pigs, cattle, poultry)

Be among the winners

With a cattle farm of about 135 cattle or 2061 pigs, you benefit most from the new EEG 2012.

In the best case, even the following statements apply to you:

You have a constant supply of slurry, which is collected centrally

You have some acres of developable land to grow energy crops

You have good relationships with your neighbouring farmers or local residents

The municipality is considering or already has plans to extend its energy network

At the moment, there are only some, if any, biogas plants that are competing for
existing energy consumers

Change is coming with the new EEG

The new EEG will bring change to the landscape and the operation of biogas plants in
Germany. The trend towards larger biogas plants will be shifting tosmaller on-farm
facilites in the year 2012.

Biogas Kompaktanlagen

It almost seemslike the new EEG was written exclusively
for bue Anlagentechnik GmbH. The EEG gives impetus to
a research and developmentthat we have been following
for several years and that fits very well with our ideas.

With our know-how, we are able to exceed
all requirements of the new EEG 2012.