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The Multi-talent
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Biogas Plants

Multi-talent of Renewable Energies

Biogas is the multi-talent among renewable energies.
It is not only used to produce electricity and heat, but as a
source of fuel and gas as well. Germany is the undisputed
market leader in this versatile and future-oriented industry.

Our systems are characterized by perfectly matched compo-
nents that harmonize in an optimum way with a finely tuned
process biology. When designing our on-farm plants, we
consistently follow the provisions of the EEG (Renewable
Energy Sources Act). In this way, we can ensure a reliable
technology, excellent operating comfort and efficient

A Class of its own - Biogas Plants up to 75 kW

Dueto the amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources
Act, there are stronger financial incentives for small biogas
plants from 2012. Therefore, especially on-farm plants of up
to 75 kW working with a minimum of 80 % slurry and/or
manure are getting profitable.

Our compact plants can be operated with a high proportion
of liquid manure. That provides operators with a profitable
source of income - guaranteed by the state for 20 years.

There is a special allowance for the performance class of
up to 75 kW(el) that amounts to 25 ct/kWh.

bue Anlagentechnik GmbH has specialized in this type of
plant and can pave the way for you to get your own
source of energy.

# 75 kW biogas plants in detail

Compact plants

KompaktanlagenOur compact plants
are characterized by
perfectly matched com-
ponents that harmonize
in an optimum way with
a finely tuned process

# HydroStep

Animation biogas plant

Animation BiogasanlageRegardless of where an
biogas plant is operated,
the basic principle is
relatively simple.
To see how biogas is generated, you could
also watch our animation.

# Animation