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We construct turnkey biogas plants

bue Anlagentechnik GmbH has proven to be successful in the
construction of biogas plants and provides sophisticated plant
concepts, advanced standard solutions for plant components
and reliable development of special solutions.

Consulting for the construction and commissioning as well as
our biological assistance make our portfolio complete.

Construction of biogas plants with conviction.

Welcome to the future!

Easy more Power

Our Repowering business segment focuses on getting more
power out of your biogas plant. To this end, we have a variety
of measures available, which we apply consistently, no matter whether you already are a customer or operator of a third party
plant, or want to modernize or expand a plant.

We will develop an ideal concept for any project, which will inspire you.
We put together some repowering options to increase the profitability
and efficiency of your your biogas plant.

# Our Repowering

bue Anlagentechnik GmbH as well as our associated companies are conducting research & development regarding the optimization of biogas plants.

Research & Development

Research is one of the core areas of bue Anlagen-
technik GmbH. Especially, when it comes to "Repowering", it is necessary to challenge conventional approaches and to reconsider a different perspective.

We regard the participation in various research
projects as a corporate mission towards our
customers and as a responsible contribution
towards future generations.

# more

We are not simply a member of the professional registered biogas association Fachverband Biogas e.V., as the spokesperson for the regional group Saxony-Anhalt, our managing partner, Udo Boskugel, is also its official contact person.

Here, we are able to represent our operators' interests and at the same time campaign for better legal and political conditions for the biogas industry in general.

Biogasfachmesse 2013

Mr. Boskugel is among the founders of the association's regional group of Saxony-Anhalt and he has been a member of the association for more than 10 years.

# Regional group Saxony-Anhalt


Biogas plants are as individual as their owners.
It is our goal to maintain that unity reliably and
thoroughly. In this way, it is possible to make
our customers satisfied partners for many years
to come.

Get inspired by current and past biogas plants
projects with bue Anlagentechnik GmbH taking
on selling, planning and construction procedures.
At the moment, even more biogas facilities are
under construction, in the approval and planning
phase or about to be commissioned.

# Our References